abya yala

they came to abya yala
on their ships and full of violence,
started to conquer,
what wasn’t their land.

called the people there »indios«
and used them as slaves,
with the cross as their sign,
which legitimates.

and túpac amaru – an inca leader –
stood up and started
to make a stand,
wanted to rescue the land.

but they smashed them down
and murdered him,
forced the people to serve
and a genocide began.

today it woke up again
the call for freedom
to liberate the land,
which was called abya yala back than.


Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND by Meas Wolfstatze
(geschrieben am 13.08.2015,
als mp3 downloaden: mit Patsy Stone 2019_scheinwelt_-_cd_cover_front)

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