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Visionen der Verdammnis

Visionen der Verdammnis hall’n mir durch den Kopf
von Schmerzen, Terror und Verderben,
verkünden das Nahen von der Freiheit Untergang,
welcher bringt uns das große Sterben.

Finsterer Herrschaft gerüstete Knechte
setzen an zum letzten Sturm.
Und lüstern geiler Henker gemarterte Opfer
verzweifeln im schattenhaften Turm.

Des gekrönten Totenraben Schwingen vernichten
das Sein des Glücks und auch der Würde.
Versklaven und lügen, den Krieg herbei tragen,
war dem Imperium nie eine Hürde.

Voll Zynismus ist des Tyrannen Gerede vom Frieden,
gegeben durch Tod und Qual und Leid.
Weil nur seine Macht kann erstrahlen voll Pracht,
wo diktiert wird das Handeln vom Neid.

Der Schein des Traumes reißt längst entzwei.
Vorbei ist die Zeit der Utopien,
die am Sternenmeer wir in Autonomie glücklich lebten.
Nun hilft’s nur noch zu flieh’n.

Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND by Tintenwolf
(geschrieben am 10.08.2021,
entstand im Rahmen des Satjira-Projects (siehe »Visionen der Verdammnis«))

un poder enemigo

    ¿qué es un poder enemigo?
    es un imperio
    del capitalismo mundial,
    que come la vida de la naturaleza
    y no respeta la consequencia fatal.

    ¿qué es un »poder enemigo«?
    es una tentativa
    de una economia social
    para los ojos del capitalismo
    en la lucha de clases global.

    ¿qué es un »poder enemigo«?
    es una construcción
    de palabra artificial
    por construir un motivo
    para un bloqueo brutal.


    #NoMásBloqueo #UnblockCuba


    Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND by Meas Wolfstatze
    (geschrieben am 24.10.2018,
    als mp3 downloaden: mit Andi Luis Ferrer Pedroso 2019_scheinwelt_-_cd_cover_front)

yo sueño

es la isla del socialismo,
es la isla de la esperanza
y el pueblo espera
al socialismo
y la libertad.

yo estoy aqui, en la isla,
en la isla de la esperanza.
pero no estoy en mi casa,
porque está lejana,
está en tus cercanía.

¡vámonos a la isla!
es la isla de la esperanza.
yo sueño contigo
y con el socialismo
y la libertad.

Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND by Meas Wolfstatze
(geschrieben am 09.03.2017,
als mp3 downloaden: mit Tobias Thiele 2019_scheinwelt_-_cd_cover_front)

for an international day against police, state violence & reign

from https://againstpolice.blackblogs.org/international-day-inert-en/

Day by day the repression against left wing and progressive forces increases worldwide. Wherever you look anarchical and authoritarian-socialistic powers are trapped in a position of defence.

  • In Turkey governmental troops from Erdoğans AKP murder Kurds and left-wing opposition members.
  • Instead of seeking for peace Hamas and Israeli Hardliners fight in a spiral of violence which kills all efforts of peace and harmony.
  • In Syria and Iraq Daesch, also known as »Islamic State« (ISIS), commits murder and creates instability which only serves the imperialists in the US, Europe and Russia as well as regional powers for geopolitical battles, and also to increase control and repression in their own countries.
  • Furthermore a neoliberal and war-like oppression of Africa in form of a new colonialism has been pushed for years.
  • The Ukraine drowns in a bloody civil war where Anti-Fascists are threatened and chased by fascist paramilitaries. An end of this proxy war can not be seen neither by the »west« nor by the Russian side.
  • In Abya Yala – how the Middle- and South American Continent is called by indigenous activists – a long tradition of revolutionary struggles has been existed, but these days people are confronted with a roll back by US-American interests as well.
  • In the People’s Republic of China a greedy, power obsessed and corrupt functionary elite abuses the idea of communism to conceal the fact that they have long arrived in a profit-oriented, merciless capitalistic system.
  • In the US, Europe and elsewhere racist cops still get away with killing and humiliating »people of colour« and a homogeneous image of a »white society« seems to be normal.
  • With the help of police and the army Europe closes its borders to all the people who escape from war and exploitation – and while the government harasses and destroys every leftist and progressive environment, racists and neo-nazis never face any consequences.

In all of these cases the cops, the government and the para-militarists are henchmen and co-perpetrators who brutally and arbitrarily enforce the monopoly on violence of those in power.

This is why we have to stand up and because the connection of reign, repression and resources is global, resistance can only work out internationally as well. It’s important that we all show solidarity to overcome states, borders and a system of exploitation and violence. One struggle, one fight!

The idea is to organize an International Day against police, state violence and reign on the 13th December 2016. Together we want to take a stand for solidarity and fight despotism. To do that we can organize in local groups with the aim to start a global network with groups who are already operating internationally. Here in Berlin a strong and powerful demo and some big events are planned for this date.

In a system of capitalism the structures of oppression cannot be broken! This is why we should put an end to the separation in subcultural spaces and stop concentrating on single contradictions. Let us show we are many! Lets be a movement which does not fear the results of repression!

Here’s to anti-national solidarity!
Here’s to international solidarity!


abya yala

they came to abya yala
on their ships and full of violence,
started to conquer,
what wasn’t their land.

called the people there »indios«
and used them as slaves,
with the cross as their sign,
which legitimates.

and túpac amaru – an inca leader –
stood up and started
to make a stand,
wanted to rescue the land.

but they smashed them down
and murdered him,
forced the people to serve
and a genocide began.

today it woke up again
the call for freedom
to liberate the land,
which was called abya yala back than.


Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND by Meas Wolfstatze
(geschrieben am 13.08.2015,
als mp3 downloaden: mit Patsy Stone 2019_scheinwelt_-_cd_cover_front)